Unfortunately, no.  But most can.

These are a few of the instances when hail damage repair is not an option. If your damage is questionable, you can always get a free dent repair evaluation and cost to repair (if repairable) by calling or contacting us online.

  1. Hail dent damage that has cracked the paint or compromised the paint in any way cannot be repaired with auto hail repair. In 99% of all dent damage caused by hail, the paint is not damaged.
  2. If the hail storm was so bad that the size of the hail and amount of hail that struck your vehicle caused very deep dents all over your vehicle usually cannot be fixed with paintless dent repair. If your vehicle has sustained this kind of severe damage, we can usually let you know if we can fix it with a picture.
  3. If the dents and dings on your car have deep creases or folds, a 100% repair is usually not possible.
  4. If the dent damage is on or very near the edge of a panel,   it may not be 100% repairable.

Summit Hail Repair experts always suggest getting a second opinion. It is surprising to many of our customers just what kind of hail damage can be repaired. We specialize in these types of dent & ding repair, so make sure you know all of the facts before you decide your damage isn’t repairable.