Benefits of Hiring a Denver Paintless Dent Repair Shop

When we get a door ding, usually the first place we look for repairs is an auto body shop. Up until about 10-15 years ago, an auto body shop would be the first place you would look for any kind of auto body repairs. Paintless dent repair is still a fairly new dent repair concept in the United States although it has been around for nearly a century. In this article, we will offer you 5 good reasons to consider hiring a Denver paintless dent repair shop the next time you need dents & dings removed.

  1. Shorter repair times
    Before the paintless dent repair shop, dents & dings of all shapes and sizes were removed at your local  Denver auto body shop. The problems with that is that all dents should not be created equal. For large dents, such as damaged caused by automobile accidents, an auto body shop is an appropriate solution but for dents & dings caused by something like hail should be repaired in a paintless dent repair shop. For example, a door ding caused can usually be turned around in less than a few hours.
  2. Environmentally friendly

    Dental Pick vs PDR Tool

    Dental Pick vs PDR Tool

    These days, especially in a state like Colorado, people are more aware of their environment and are always finding better ways to live “greener.” Unlike the traditional auto body method for repairing dents, paintless dent repair requires the technician have only one collection of tools in their arsenal. These tools require no electricity, gas, nor toxic materials or exhaust. The paintless dent repair tool set resemble oversized dental picks found at your local dentist. The technician uses them to gently massage the dents away from the underside of the panel. Once the dent has been repaired, the dent is permanently gone.

  3. PDR is paintless
    The one caveat when it comes to paintless dent repair is that the paint mustn’t be damaged in any way. There is no auto body painting in paintless dent repair.   When paintless dent repair is done correctly by an experienced technician, the end result is 100% restoration with the original manufacturer paint warranty still intact.
  4. Hail repair is essentially free
    Auto insurance companies prefer the paintless dent repair method over any other method out there. The love it so much that auto hail repair, no matter how covered your vehicle is with those annoying tiny hail dent dimples, your comprehensive insurance policy covers auto hail repair 100%, save the deductible. At Summit Hail Repair, we will cover your deductible up to $500 so yes – we really mean it…hail repair is essentially free!
  5. Lifetime Warranty
    Paintless dent repair is still a fairly new concept for Denver residents. Over the last 10-15 years though, with all of the catastrophic hailstorms that have hit the Denver metro, vehicle owners are becoming more and more familiar with the craft. Naturally, for those vehicle owners who still do not know about paintless dent repair – there are still many, many questions that we answer every day.  A question we hear frequently is, “Will the dents come back?” Even though we know the answer is no, we still warranty EVERY Denver dent repair we do with a lifetime warranty.